Hamster Academy

Help of Universe Academy

General Principle

This is a fantastic world in which your hamster Academy becomes a real star. It operates in the Academy and gains experience based on their skills in music, song and dance. The goal is to create or join a group of music (rock, jazz, funk, …), organize rehearsals with your band to a maximum of concerts. So get ready to mount your own group, invite your friends or meet new hamsters to become the best group that the Academy has seen Hamster!

Started in the Academy

How to integrate the academy?

The world of the Academy is open only to farmers Level 4 . Once you have reached this level, you have the possibility of including one or more hamsters of your choice. Registration costs 5 coins per hamster. Once you have registered your hamster, you have to buy a musical instrument shop and give it to your hamster. You can then access the different training sessions available at this time. Some activities will be added as and when your hamster is progressing.

How to be Popular?

Popularity is regularly assessed against the building (notes) in song, dance and humor of each hamster. Several things can evolve in popularity:

  • Pass an examination;
  • Telling jokes to his classmates in the hallway of the Academy;
  • Take improvisation classes.

How to take dance lessons?

To take dance classes, we must first be Academician Confirmed , and therefore it is essential to successfully pass his exams. Academicians can perform two types of dance: dance basic (general technical) and Techno dance. It costs a little more expensive but worth more points and experience!

How does the testing?

All 3 days , you have the right to participate in a new session of examinations. You better train yourself between each pass because the jury is severe. The jury is composed of 4 professors (a singing teacher, music teacher, a comedian and director of the Academy) and everyone you note in his field of expertise. Your grades depend on how many courses you have taken and experience points you earned. At each review you have the possibility to evolve to the next level if the average of your grades are sufficient. For example, it should reach 10 to an overall average of Academician Beginner to advance to the status of Confirmed. But beware, a hamster in poor health will be less efficient when it passes the review so do not overlook the work of the farmer!

Where can I find the rules?

It is posted at the entrance to the Academy Home , where are the inscriptions.

What is the experience and how to win?

All the time you spend at the Academy makes you gain experience. Whenever you take over, are you talking about jokes that you pass an examination, points are added to your experience. So to have maximum experience, motivates you to take full course, becomes a good friend by telling jokes, or good at exams. Having experience is very important. This will also allow you to more easily find a group to integrate, because the more good you are, the more your group will be strong!

The bands

What is a group?

Once you have entered a hamster in the Academy, you can give it a musical instrument if you've bought one in the shop. This tool allows you choose the hamster to specialize, to take over the instrument, and also to join or create a band. Several hamsters may meet in a group to unify their forces. Belonging to a group earns points overall. There can be up 8 members in the same group . The best places in groups is invaluable!

How are points calculated for each group?

The calculation of points is done every day. Points are calculated based on many parameters of the game

  • More than one group has the experience, the group has more points
  • A combo (rock, jazz or choral) earns points (+50%)
  • A long description of the group and a logo related items
  • There are more members in the group (up to 8), the higher the score increases (8 members, the score is doubled compared to a group only 1 member)

For cons:

  • If the last activity of the group is a bit old (over 24), the number of points down
  • If the date of the last concert date a bit (more than 3 days), the number of points down

List of combos

The combos can bring a lot of points to groups. There are currently 3 combos:

  • Combo rock: 1 battery + 1 + 2 guitars + 1 bass singer
  • Jazz Combo: 1 battery + 1 + 2 guitars + 1 bass saxophone
  • Combo Choir: 8 singers

What are the rehearsals?

When a group contains at least 3 musicians They can organize concerts. To prepare, the group should organize rehearsals. The group acquires experience. From 20 experience points, concerts can be arranged. The rules concerning rehearsals are:

  • Must be enrolled at least 3 to a rehearsal;
  • Plus there are recorded, the group has more experience;
  • Only the hamsters entered the rehearsal will also increase their experience points;
  • Repetition brings an experience point to each musician who attended, and 1 point in music.

Concerts, how does it work?

After organizing one or more repetitions and collected at least 3 members of the group, it can organize a concert. The rehearsals are a good way to practice and therefore be more efficient during the concerts. There are some rules to follow for the concerts:

  • Plus there are recorded, the concert will be much more, the group will gain more experience;
  • A concert pieces relates only to members who attended: by level of experience of the group, from 10 parts per musician;
  • Only the hamsters entered the concert will earn experience points and coins;
  • Plus a group experience, plus a concert is expensive to organize. In return, he brings more parts;
  • We can do together that day.


They take place every two weeks. Music groups can register for the tournament and play a match every day until they lost.

The group that has the best musicians will win the match and will go to the next round … until the final!

To know who will win the matches, the best musician in the group 1 will be compared to the best musician of the group 2 and then the second best player in Group 1 will be compared to the second best player in Group 2, etc. until the 8th musician.

Football Teams

They consist of hamsters who registered at the Academy of Football.